Skyline Public Adjusters is comprised of the nation’s leading insurance claims professionals. Our team of professionals, most with over 25 years of claims experience, is ready to go to work for you now.


What are the Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters are professional claims adjusters trained and experienced in preparing, presenting and negotiating insurance claims. Similar to hiring an accountant at tax time, or a lawyer when faced with legal needs, a Public Adjuster is the professional to go to when faced with an insurance claim.

Business and commercial property owners, condominiums and individuals that experience damage or loss will likely find themselves up against insurance company professionals who are clearly serving insurance company interests. Business and property owners do not have the necessary knowledge of the ins and outs of the insurance industry, and the myriad of hours needed to properly document a claim will be a large distraction from the things you truly need to focus on.

Hiring a Public Adjuster will alleviate the stress of preparing your claim. You will have the peace of mind that your claim is being handled in the best possible manner. We will ensure that the burden of proof your policy and insurance company demand are satisfied. A Licensed Public Adjuster is able to walk into any claim situation, identify its needs and start the claims process, seeing it through to the end.

Why choose Skyline
Public Adjusters?

Skyline Public Adjusters is comprised of the most experienced and qualified certified public-adjusting professionals in the industry. Almost all of our adjusters have between 25 and 45 years adjusting and claims experience.

Our unique in-house networking system allows our team to support and communicate with each other during every step of preparing, presenting and settling a claim.

We work hand in hand with you and/or your designated point of contact, communicating with you throughout your entire claim and recovery. From copying you on every correspondence and holding weekly calls with you and your claims team, to bi-weekly or scheduled updates, we custom tailor communications with your schedule and comfort level.

Skyline Public Adjusters will manage every phase of your claim. We will prepare, present and negotiate every aspect of your claim and will help you get everything you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

Here at Skyline, we are committed to producing the best possible results in every claim, giving you the highest chance of a full recovery. We only recruit and engage the best of the best in the industry. The majority of our team boasts more than 25 years of expertise; in fact, many of them have more than 35. This hands-on experience is highly beneficial in meeting the unique circumstances of each client. In an industry that’s moving as fast as ours, it’s important to make sure our employees are always up to speed, which is why we provide and require ongoing education and training. The Skyline team is sharp, up to date and ready to respond with clear workable solutions for property owners.


Locations Across America


Over 50 years in Business 


Of Experts Nationwide to serve you


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1000s of clients helped

100s of disasters responded to

$1,000,000s in higher settlements

Humble Beginnings

Starting the 1950’s Joe Lukiewski and his partner opened a single Public Adjusting office and began to provide insurance claim services to a local community. Many of his engagements were simple handshakes, which were followed by Joe’s firm advocacy. The traits of hard work, attention to detail and professionalism earned him a strong reputation that led to the success and growth of his business. Jeffrey Major, President of Skyline Adjusters, began his career under the tutelage of Mr. Lukiewski. As he rose to the national scene, Mr. Major held onto those early tenets of hard work, customer advocacy and professionalism that Joe imparted to him as a young employee.

From these humble beginnings, Skyline services their clients with offices across the United States.


We strive to provide the best possible claims services and claim adjusting experience to our clients in their time of need. With extensive experience and knowledge, hard work, and the most up to date technology, we consistently meet and exceed our goals as leaders in the industry.

Get the settlement you deserve, only with Skyline Public Adjusters

Unlike other Public Adjusting companies, Skyline a true national company employing our country’s top professionals. Our excellent in-house networking system allows us to communicate with each other effortlessly, supporting your claim with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Skyline’s long-standing relationships with our network of top Attorneys, Engineers, Appraisers and Consultants ensure no part of your claim is getting anything less than the best efforts available, or best settlement possible.

So, when people need a public adjuster, the choice is a simple one: Skyline Public Adjusters.