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Skyline Public Adjusters helps our clients with a variety of claims. 

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by this tragedy. 

Please find resources below and contact us with any questions. Jeffrey Major and his team are here to assist our clients with their wildfire claims and insurance recovery. Regardless of whether you are our client or not, make sure to review the critical information included in the links below. You can also visit uphelp.org for additional information and resources.

Insurance claims can be confusing. We believe that identifying the “buckets” of costs and insurance coverage available to you can help you understand your specific situation and help you prepare and follow a roadmap toward recovery. 

The exercise of identifying your buckets will allow you to know what you are and are not insured for. When identifying your buckets and how your costs and damages fit into those buckets, your agent/broker or Skyline can assist you.

Everyone knows what happened, but what now?

What happens next?

You will need to start documenting your loss. If you have insurance on your property, you should read the policy conditions to determine your obligations, such as notifications, and documentation, in filing an insurance claim for financial assistance from your insurance carrier. Some policies have important submission deadlines for forms and paperwork.

What will my insurance pay for?

Everyone has a different insurance policy so there is no universal answer for what damage will be covered by YOUR insurance. As a general guide, you should read your insurance policy to determine:

   - The limits of your coverage and any sub-limits for specific items. For example, debris removal or what your limit is on your additional living expenses or business income.

How can Skyline Public Adjusters help?

Jeffrey Major and the team at Skyline Adjusters can conduct a courtesy insurance policy review to assist you, the policyholder, in understanding the limits of your policy and other provisions that surround your insurance coverage. Further, we can offer assistance in developing a claim plan, including documenting damages and presenting it to your insurance company. 

Should you feel that you need more assistance, such as help in estimating the damage, preparing the proof of loss, and managing the entire insurance claim process, we do offer these services for a % fee of insurance proceeds received by the policyholder. Please see the example contract on this page.

Identifying & Navigating Disaster Fog

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