Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we get asked the most. We hope that these will provide you with answers and information on what Skyline Adjusters does for its clients.

Should I Hire A Public Adjuster?

The burden of proof to prove the extent of your loss to the Insurance Company lies squarely upon your shoulder!

Insurance policies are very rather long. They contain a lot of confusing legal language.

There are also many conditions, restrictions and limitations. Policy language gets very technical.  This adds to the stress of an already distressful loss experience.

For an insurance company to write that check which will allow you to rebuild after your loss, there are certain conditions which must be satisfied.  Failure to do so could reduce your settlement amount or worse still cause your claim to be denied.

What Is A Public Insurance Adjusters Job Description?

The public adjuster’s duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Examine your current insurance policy and make an assessment of what coverage is fitting and
    appropriate to your claim.
  • Conduct extensive research, document, verify and authenticate ANY damage to
    property/buildings, its contents and any other additional expenses that support the claim on behalf of the insured.
  • Determine the cost of business interruption losses.
  • Calculate and prepare estimates for settling covered damages
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Re-open a claim and negotiate for more money should a discrepancy be discovered EVEN AFTER the claim has been settled.

When Should You Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster?

  • If you have just SUFFERED what is considered “an insurance loss” a public adjuster is highly recommended!
  • If you want a LEVEL playing field  during an insurance claim loss get a public adjuster
  • If you want the MAXIMUM entitlement that your policy qualifies you … you got it Hire a public adjuster!
  • As policy holder you should use a public adjuster as it PROTECTS you from the stress of engaging in an adversarial role with a large insurance corporation.
  • Consider using Skyline Public Adjusters if you want your claim to be INDISPUTABLY & EXPERTLYdocumented!  We will detail and expedite your claims, usually get a more satisfactory claim recovery, much faster.  Generally you can expect a settlement that will allow you to completely restore your residence or business operations!

Skyline Public Adjuster Advice – Get an adjuster, BEFORE the fact-finding stage. This will give us more time and better leverage to assist you the policyholder in getting a fair settlement for all losses legitimately covered under the insurance policy!

How Does A Public Insurance Adjuster Get Paid?

The question “how do public insurance adjusters get paid?” is often at the forefront of any insurance policy holders mind.Skyline Public Adjusters Inc. does not assess any fees until we have settled your claim. This practice ensures that we are working exclusively for you (the insured), for the best possible outcome of your claim settlement amount. Skyline Public Adjusters Inc. retains a fixed percentage (determined on case to case basis) of the total settlement amount.

Before Hiring A Public Adjuster – What You Should Know

Public Adjuster Check List:

  1. Is the Public Adjuster licensed in the state of the loss and is there a public insurance adjuster code of ethics. Public insurance adjusters MUST be tested, licensed and bonded in most states.
  2. Does the Public Adjuster have consumer reviews (Yelp!, Google+, Facebook etc), client testimonials & references? Are they willing to provide you this information upon request?
  3. What are the Public Adjusters personal credentials? e.g., certifications, diploma, past business experience pertaining to the insurance industry, construction industry, architecture etc?
  4. Have they explained to your satisfaction how they are to be paid?
  5. Have they detailed how recovery funds are remitted?
  6. Are diligently interested in your case?
  7. Does the public insurance adjuster contract spell out in detail what is to be expected?