Litigation Support

Skyline provides credible certified experts for both 1st & 3rd Party Litigation, Subrogation and Construction Litigation. Members of our team have been certified in Local, State and Federal courts, and we ensure our reports clearly address the matter at hand.

When choosing an expert for Insurance Litigation or Construction Litigation, it is crucial that your expert truly understands the matter at hand.  This can mean the difference between winning and losing, and it can make a major difference regarding the amount you settle on. Reports from our experts will make it clear to the opposing side that your litigation is legitimate and that you are prepared to go all the way if need be. This serves to effect the opposition’s assessment of risk, and as credible assets to settlement.

Litigation support and expert testimony requires an in-depth understanding of the matter at hand. We possess the ability to deliver an opinion in writing, deposition, a settlement scenario or in the courtroom. Most of our experts have over 25 years experience, with countless numbers of expert witness testimonies.

We are conscious of expense and will ensure you know what you are getting and at what price. Our efficiency and experience make us a great part of your litigation team. Plus, having one of our renowned experts on your team sends a clear message to the other side.

A Leading Team of Experts

Skyline Insurance Claims experts are comprised of seasoned adjusters, ex-insurance company adjusters, inside claims reps, examiners and commercial claim team leaders. This wealth of knowledge from the carrier side gives us a unique perspective and irrefutable credibility.

Our estimates, inventories and financial presentations follow strict protocols that ensure final reports are well organized and easy to follow. Any trier of facts; be it an Arbiter, Judge or Jury will see the basis and credibility of our stated damages and loss.

Skylines partner Cause and Origin Experts and Engineers help establish causation and liability in a clear and concise manner. With formatted reporting and evidence, our Subrogation program is second to none.

We handle all types of litigation support

  • 1st Party Litigation
  • Property Damage
  • Claims Practices
  • Contractor Negligence
  • Valuations
  • Roofing Failures
  • Forensic Estimating
  • 3rd Party Litigation
  • Policy Language
  • Broad Evidence Rule
  • Damage Bifurcation
  • Claim Best Practices
  • Contractor Practices
  • Damage Pro-Ration
  • Subrogation
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Bad Faith
  • Actual Cash Value
  • Xactimate & Simsol
  • Inventories
  • Bylaw Assessment

Skyline’s litigation support team will identify the right expert for your need, and we have experts for related issues standing by to jump in and cover another portion of the litigation.